As for now, securiCAD Professional won't work on macOS Big Sur.
  1. Select operating system and installer or zip using the buttons below to download securiCAD Professional.
  2. Run the installer or extract the zip file to a directory of your choice and then run the securiCAD application.
  3. After an initial greeting message, you will be prompted to put in your simulation service credentials. These are found in your signup e-mail. If you have not received a signup e-mail, please register at the securiCAD Professional registration page.
  4. securiCAD Professional will then connect to the online simulation service to verify the credentials. If you get an error message, please check your internet connection/firewall/proxy settings and contact if the problem persists.
  5. If you are new to securiCAD Professional, we recommend that you check out the Get Started modules on the securiCAD user community site.
Current version of securiCAD Professional is .
Please read the Readme information for system requirements and other technical information.
Information about changes in version is found in the Release Notes document.
Select the OS you will be using when running securiCAD Professional.

Select whether you want to run a portable zip version or the installer version.
If you aren't sure, pick the installer.
The Linux version is not officially supported.
For Linux, we only offer a zip-version.
As for now, securiCAD Professional won't work on macOS Big Sur.
Your product key is included in the securiCAD Professional Signup email.